We have a winner!

It’s decided! We have a winner for the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in 2021. It’s Verity Price, a Trainer, Facilitator and Actress from Capetown, South Africa. She won this year’s contest with a moving tale about the relationship with her father – and how he inspired to find a new way and angle to look at her own life.

The Hamburg International Speakers did send their own participants into this year’s competition – and managed to win quite a few contests on the local and regional level. We were proud to have two representatives of our club at the virtual District Conference this year, where Toastmasters from Germany and Scandinavia met. Even though their journey ended there this year.

But, new year, new opportunities. We will do our best to send excellent contestants again into the new competition in 2022. And next year that will be again a contest on the real stage, not only a virtual one. You want to take part – and maybe end up being the Toastmaster World Champion of Public Speaking one day? Come to our meetings, join our club. Every amazing journey starts with an easy first step!

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