Citywalk 2021 – St. Georg

Due to many requests from our members, Natalia organized her 2nd City-Walk this year. Already last year she planned a great tour through Hamburg and showed us once again places worth seeing.

Thanks to the good preparation from a Google Form registration to the “test run” of the route, everything went as planned. (Thanks for all the work you and your team put in there!).

In total we were 20 cool Toastmasters and one dog. Along the way we heard several short speeches from 6 speakers and learned interesting stories of our city. (More about that below…)

We gathered at the Steintorplatz (main station) and after the Corona tests/vaccinations were checked, we headed off….

Unsere Route

Of course, this special event at the Hamburg International Speakers could not be without the Toastmaster Character, which is why good speeches were prepared.

We started with Inga, who told us about the strategic city planning around the main station with its many hotels and large buildings. And later also reported about the St. George Church.

It continued with a murderous story of Christian and the founder of the Chin Chin restaurant. A story, which I will not forget so quickly!

Petra told us several interesting stories on the way, but the story about the boxer and St. Mary’s Church was definitely worth mentioning. Partly quite shocking to hear about the poverty at that time, but also very interesting when she talked about the “protection knight” for the lepers, which stands in front of St. Mary’s Church.

From Natalia we learned again and again small anecdotes, such as the place of residence of a former Toastmaster of our club. She always jumped in and made sure that no one got lost.

Of course, we couldn’t miss St. Georg Hospital on our tour and even though we only got to see it a little bit from the outside, Marlen told us something about it. She even brought a book with her, which we took a quick look at.

And last but not least, Nancy brought us a phenomenally cool and a really bizarre story. We heard about the YMCA (what a magical place…) and about a former execution site where now children play happily. (Also something to remember!)

To round off the evening, we settled down in a restaurant at the end and enjoyed the food and drink. It was also our good fortune that Berni had prepared some impromptu speeches for us, which is why we were able to successfully conclude this Toastmaster event.

In summary, everyone got a chance to speak, we had good conversations along the way, and the speeches ensured that everyone went home smarter than before and perhaps will remember one or two interesting stories.

Many thanks to all speakers and the pleasant evening!

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