24. April 2020


The Ah-Counter helps speakers keep track of the filler words and sounds they use and gives a report at the end of the meeting.

Words may be inappropriate interjections such as “and”, “well”, “but”, “so”, “you know”. Sounds may be “ah”, “um”, “er”. To fulfill your role best, bring a piece of paper and a pen to write down everyone’s name in a list. It is handy to make this list during the introduction round, when everyone says their name. Count all the filler words, that you hear during the meeting from members and guests. Additionally, count the word of the day (if there is one) and report, who used it most at the end of the meeting.

What you can learn
You will get better at recognizing filler words when other people talk AND when you talk. This gives you the opportunity to use them less and improves your appearance.  

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