Hybrid Meetings in July

After we all have learned the last months to hold our speeches in front of the camera, it was now time again to fill our beautiful room in the CVJM (An der Alster 40) with life. Besides the two laptops, the camera, several cables, the projector and the screen, several members and even four guests joined us.
The preparations were worth it and we had two nice hybrid meetings!

Alle Teilnehmer erstes Treffen
Our toastmaster of the evening Christian quickly took the opportunity to take a photo at the end. – 21.07.2021

In order to adapt also in terms of content, our president Philipp presented us the current situation in a phenomenal storyline under the theme “Icebreaker”. In addition, we heard another real icebreaker from our new member Gabriela with the title “Unstructured”. In my opinion, the speech did not lack structure at all and her evaluator felt so too!

The projector was just turned off, but imagine happy faces on the screen. 😉 – 28.07.2021

The setup was partly challenging, because we had to meet several conditions:

  1. The Toastmasters online should see & hear the speaker
  2. as well as all Toastmasters on-site.
  3. they should in turn see everyone online on the screen.

At our first meeting, we quickly learned that two small things still needed improvement. One was the positioning of the timekeeper in the room so that he is clearly seen by both parties. In addition, a Bluetooth microphone helped us to better record the voice of the speaker without restricting his articulation.

Whether we will continue to organize hybrid meetings is still open, but these two meetings were a very instructive and exciting experience for all participants. Thanks for all the helpers who made it possible!

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