Successful and entertaining Area Conference


Loneliness, belief and self-optimization, sad stories and funny stories – what a variety of topics and speeches at the A6 Area Conference on April 7th! All this on a really high level! While Petra told us a funny story about her latest visit to church, Peter (Stader Redenschwinger) gave advice on how to get in contact with “real” people in times of Social Media. In the end, Dominic won the International Speeches Contest/German with his very personal and moving speech about what is really important in life.

In the International Speeches Contest/English, Marek (Power Speakers) was trapped in a loop of thought while Ingmar confessed having been a self-optimization maniac who found his teacher in an unexpected way. However, Kunle (Power Speakers) made it to Number 1 in this contest by making us all believe that he drives a Porsche.

Evaluation Speeches: Hackathon vs. Northern German mentality

Four Toastmasters competed in the English Evaluation Speeches Contest by evaluating Elke’s funny target speech about a Hackathon, a kind of Marathon for computer programmers. Here, Ingmar made it to Number 1. In the last competition of the day, another three participants had to evaluate the speech of Anja, who tried to convince us that she is the most Northern German person on earth. Mona (Buxtehude Igel) came off as winner of this contest.

Two members of Hamburg International Speakers will join Division Conference

Participants and visitors enjoyed a highly entertaining day in Eppendorf, not least thanks to our VPE Markus, who perfectly organized the event with the help of the other board members. Congratulations to the winner and good luck for the Division Conference in Hannover on April 21st!

all participants and visitors

Peter, Petra

Ingmar, Marek, Kunle

Ninja, Ingmar, Vicky, Marek, Petra

Peter, Dorothee, Mona, Christian


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