Pimp your Online Speech

Last Month we had a really exciting workshop organised by one of our long time member Laura.

Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud.

Kanye West

That was the quote Laura started her year, as she was boldly inviting the people she was looking up to.
Together with our President she was organising this online workshop.
Around 25 people including Mike Carr & Andreas Gebhardt showed up
and it was our first time streaming this content to Facebook as well.
Therefore you have the privilege to look back on it or watch it if you missed it.


You can expect…

  1. …an interesting interview with the world champion Mike Carr where he shares his story and valuable tips to use to improve your online speech. (English)
  2. …questions from our participants answered by Mike. (English)
  3. …Andreas Gebhardt’s view on Keynotes & Speeches (German)
  4. …Table Topics special with Andreas Gebhardt and our participants. (German/English)

It is definitely a must watch and was one of my personal highlights for this Toastmasters year, lots of golden nuggets and great take-aways – especially for this years contest season!

We are grateful for this event and give special thanks to Laura for organising this and our special guests!

If you’re interested in Mike Carr’s content you can find more information on his website where you can also contact him for business enquires.


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