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Hamburg International Speakers' next meetings

We meet every first, third, and fourth Wednesday of the month at the YMCA Hamburg, An der Alster 40. If you are a guest, please just come to one of our meetings and check us out - that's, of course, free of charge.

Our upcoming meetings:
26 October, 19.00h Regular Meeting. Room: Alsterblick. Moderation in German.
2 November, 19.00h, Trilingual Meeting: French, English, and German. Room: Souterrain.
9 November, 19.30h, Joint Meeting with Hamburg Power Speakers. This special meeting does NOT take place at the YMCA. New Location: Café Sternchance, Schröderstiftstr. 7.
12 November (Saturday): Our Charter Party at the YMCA! Doors open 6 pm, Start 6:30 pm, Potluck dinner.
16 November, 19.00h, Regular Meeting. Room: Alsterblick. Moderation in English.
23 November, 19.00h Regular Meeting. Room: Alsterblick. Moderation in German.

Please arrive at least ten minutes in advance so you can settle in. We want to make sure we can greet you accordingly. We are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Give Speeches

    We deliver speeches in both English and German.

  • Learn to lead

    We learn to moderate and to lead teams.

  • Think Globally

    We welcome members and guests from all over the world.

  • Have fun

    The most important thing.


Our Club

Who we are

We are a rhetoric club in which members can practice public speaking and hone their leadership skills in accordance with the proven principles of Toastmasters International.

What we are not

We are not an academic course in rhetoric. This means that we don’t have any omniscient teachers; rather, our people learn on their own—by doing, by example, and by means of constructive feedback from other members of the group. Consequently, it’s vital for each individual member and for every club guest that members show up—not merely to deliver their own speeches, but also to listen, to provide feedback, and to moderate the proceedings. These tasks are outlined quite specifically in the Toastmasters promise.

How we speak

We are a bilingual club—hence we speak both German and English. However, we are not a language course for the purpose of language acquisition. Rather, we are a platform for applying and strengthening skills in both German and English. In this way, we also serve as a platform for intercultural exchange and learning.

What we believe

Toastmasters International, as a whole, and the Hamburg International Speakers do not discriminate against anyone. This means that neither your religious nor political worldview, nor your skin color, nor your sexual orientation is of any concern to us. What does interest us? Your history, your life experiences, your feedback to our speeches, and your personal growth. If your personal growth is of interest to you as well, then come visit the Hamburg International Speakers—we look forward to seeing you!

Latest News

This is what you have missed, or - if you were lucky - witnessed yourself!

Our Team

The board of our club
Ingmar Höhmann
Ingmar Höhmann
Max Ansorge
Max Ansorge
Vice President of Membership
Ninja Reineke
Ninja Reineke
Vice President of Social Relations
Markus Krause
Markus Krause
Vice President of Education
Christian Gülich
Christian Gülich

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